The legacy of an avant-garde photographer

Nourished with passion and energy, Rea Collins inherited from her mother and grandmother the inspiration, strength of character and avant-garde that are today part of her mark and her talent. of photographer. The eldest of four sisters, she grew up in the Bernese Jura and, as far back as she can remember, she has always had a special relationship with the world of fashion. Her school books covered with fashion photos cut from magazines, the family collection of designer perfumes, her kitchen transformed into a giant moodboard according to her finds… On the lookout for objects, places and elements that can bring life about his subject of photography, Rea scrutinizes, examines, collects…

From the first day she received a camera, at the age of ten, Rea has evolved her talent. A birthday present conducive to giving birthin her to the soul of an artist, but also a bond with an amateur photographer grandfather who taught her everything. It is to him thatRea owes his sense of rigor and organization today.

Rea’s professional career in Switzerland, England, France and Greece has allowed her to experience many activities in very different fields. It also shaped her personality and allowed her to broaden her vision.

Every day a little further…

If Rea aspires to improve herself more each day in the profession she has chosen, the fact remains that she also wishes to preserve this small part of innocence which marks her personal touch, giving it a freshness much appreciated by his clients. For her, whatever the equipment at hand, a professional photographer endowed withtalent always offers the best of himself. Her passion for fashion and for photography is palpable. Her determination to see her mission through to the end is remarkable. True to its values, Rea gives itself the meansto reach its dream and the launch of its own studio on January 1, 2022 in Paris, marks this desire. She gave her company a creative and mysterious name, Equa Studio. A name born from the Cherokee origins of her father,which transcribes precisely what the young woman aspires to: peace, serenity and abundance.

With love,